What is the current status of plans to replace the Mews?

Council has committed to finding a suitable location in the same neighbourhood as the current Mews Centre. However, no decisions have been made to date on its specific location. City staff are doing exploratory work and research to determine the best possible location for the facility. 

Two public engagement sessions are scheduled to provide feedback on a new proposed site at Mundy Pond Park on July 30.

What happened to the first location the City proposed in 2018 – at the gravel parking lot across from the current Mews Centre?

That option is still being considered. However, the city has been looking at Mundy Pond Park as a potential location because it is already located in a recreation hub, with other amenities directly in the area. Geotechnical investigation was completed in June and the focus is now on community engagement about the new proposed site, prior to putting a final decision for the location before council. 

Two public drop-in sessions are planned for July 30.

Which stakeholders are being consulted about this project?

The Mews Centre is used by a variety of stakeholders including residents in the immediate neighbourhood, throughout the city and many service organizations. The City seeks feedback from all stakeholder groups as part of its engagement process. For the current proposed location, users of the ball field, soccer association and Visitors Service Centre are also being consulted.

Why can't you just rebuild where the current Mews Centre is located or refurbish the building?

The existing building has reached the end of its lifecycle and accessibility challenges create barriers to access. If the building was demolished, users of the facility would be without services and programs for at least two years. As well, the issue of parking across the street creates safety concerns. The idea is to create a space where the building and the parking are adjacent to improve overall safety.

Is the new proposed location in a flood plain?

No, the new proposed location is not in a flood plain. Based on the most recent 100-year climate change flood plain, the proposed building would not be constructed in the flood plain. The City does not allow a build within 15 meters of the flood plain area. As added insurance, there would be an earth berm constructed along the 15-meter buffer zone.

How will this facility impact the soccer field?

The new proposed location for the facility is at the current soccer field. To mitigate this impact on the community, the soccer fields at Ayre Athletic Grounds (23 Adams Avenue) would be expanded and improved to include a new field that will replace this one.

Will the entrance to Mundy Pond Park off Blackler Avenue be improved?

Yes, should this site be selected, the entrance to Mundy Pond Park would be redesigned for safer traffic flow.

Will trail users be displaced as a result of this new building?

No – trail users would not be displaced.  The trail surrounding Mundy Pond would remain intact both during and after the construction of a new facility.

At this new proposed site, will there be enough space for parking once construction is completed?

Yes, there would be sufficient paved parking for users of the facility and for other amenities at Mundy Pond Park once construction is completed.

Will lighting of the building impact the neighboring residences?

Lighting on the interior of the building would be confined to the interior using blinds and shades so that it does not spill out past the windows.

Exterior lighting for the building and parking lot would be shielded and directed to prevent illumination beyond the areas that require illumination. Timers, motion detectors and lighting would all be considered during the design of the building.

Will there be a noticeable difference in noise in the area during and after construction?

Yes, extra noise in the area would occur during construction.

Once complete, the design of the building would factor in ways of reducing the noise impact on the surrounding neighborhood when the building is in operation. This can be accomplished by limiting exterior mechanical equipment and through various landscaping designs that incorporate trees and shrub planting to buffer sound travel.

When will construction start, and how long will it take until the building is completed?

Construction of a new facility is anticipated to begin in fall 2020 and it is expected to take place for approximately 24 months.

What will happen to the old Mews building?

The City owns that building and the land around it. The intention is to keep the Mews Centre open until a new building is completed. Prior to closure, the city will look at all the options available including repurposing the space, selling the space or demolishing it. The City is not interested in having a long-term vacant property as we know this is not in the best interest of the neighbourhood.

How much space will be in the new building?

The space will be similar to the current building which is approximately 40,000 sq. ft.

How much is the new Mews Centre going to cost?

We are very early in our plans, but we have earmarked $24 M.

Are there any plans to re-align the intersection of Mundy Pond Road/Pearce Avenue/Campbell Avenue/Ropewalk Lane?

There are no plans to undertake this as a capital project right now. 

What about traffic flow?

As part of the design planning, traffic flow would be reviewed.  We expect that the usage of a new facility will be similar to current building given it will have the same size and scope. The City will continue to monitor traffic flow and will seek out improvements if necessary.

What about safety?

Issues regarding speeding, needles being found in the neighbourhood, and unwanted activities are items of concern.  Residents should reach out to the RNC to discuss these matters. Additionally, if the neighbourhood is interested, they can contact Jennifer McGrath at 726-0180 to talk about setting up a Neighbourhood Watch. It is our experience that new buildings such as the one being proposed tend to lead to a reduction in crime and help create more eyes on the neighbourhood.