What is the Kenmount Road Storm Sewer Upgrade?

It’s a storm sewer upgrade to replace the existing aging infrastructure and provide additional capacity at the same time. 

What area of Kenmount Road is in Phase II?

Phase II is from Polina Road to Peet Street. Kenmount Road is open for business during construction.

Why didn’t the City do this work last year?

This is the second phase of work required to upgrade storm sewer the entire length of Kenmount Road to the Team Gushue Highway overpass. Phase I was completed in 2018 and included the re-alignment of the Kenmount Road and Polina Road intersection as well.

Due to scope of work and funding agreements with other levels of government a project of this size cannot be completed in one season. The replacement of the underground infrastructure in addition to the rehabilitation of the street itself will be completed in phases which fits  our relatively short construction season.

Why can’t the City do the work at night?

Some road work may take place at night as it did during the 2018 construction season. However, night construction would not alleviate traffic impacts. As part of this project, there is significant excavation required and it is not feasible to backfill at the end of each day to re-open all travel lanes.

Why is it taking 5 months?

Replacing the storm sewer infrastructure along Kenmount Road is a large project. The new storm sewer is significantly larger and deeper than the current storm systems. The upgrades will improve the city’s ability to respond to extreme weather events in the future

Is there more work expected in other years and if so, what else is being planned?

This is the year two of four phases of work required to upgrade the entire length of Kenmount Road to the Team Gushue Highway Overpass.

Will traffic be impacted?

Traffic on Kenmount Road will be maintained in both directions; however, the number of lanes will be reduced and disruptions are expected. Pedestrian access will be maintained on at least one side of Kenmount Road during construction with posted signage in and near the construction zone.

Will there be access to businesses?

Access will be maintained to all businesses at all times. The contractor will coordinate work in the area with the business owners to minimize disruptions.

How will I know if there are any traffic or other interruptions?

It’s always good to receive updates on this or any potential traffic interruptions by subscribing to Traffic Advisories for such things as road closures, lane reductions and other impacts to City traffic. Sign up for e-updates at www.stjohns.ca