What is the Goulds Servicing Project?

    The new Gould's Sewage Pumping Station was commissioned in February 2020; however, it currently continues to pump raw sewage to an ocean discharge at Shoal Bay.

    The force main installation and trunk sanitary sewer installation are part of an overall servicing plan for the Gould's. Sanitary sewage collected and conveyed to the newly commissioned Gould's Sewage Pumping Station will be conveyed toward the Riverhead Wastewater Treatment Facility via this force main and trunk sanitary sewer, where it will receive proper treatment before discharge at St. John's Harbour.

    The Phase 2 Trunk Sanitary Sewer extends along Bay Bulls Road / Main Road from Walsh's Lane to approximately 500m south of Ruby Line.

    The Phase 3 Force Main extends along Main Road from the sewage pumping station (near Heffernan's Place) to approximately 500m south of Ruby Line, where it connects with the trunk sewer.

    Is there more work expected in other years and, if so, what else is being planned?

    The Goulds Servicing projects are anticipated to require 2 construction seasons to complete. The first portion is anticipated to take place between July and November 2021. The second portion during subsequent 2022 construction season..

    Will traffic be impacted?

    Traffic on Main Road and Bay Bulls Road will be maintained through the construction areas in both directions. However, the number of lanes will be reduced and disruptions are expected. Detours may be required at times. Pedestrian access will be maintained on at least one side of Main Road during construction with posted signage in and near the construction zone.

    Will there be access to residences and businesses along the project route?

    Access will be maintained to residences and businesses at all times. The consultant and contractor will coordinate work in the area with the local area residents and business owners to minimize disruptions.

    How will I know if there are any traffic or other interruptions?

    It’s always good to receive updates on this or any potential traffic interruptions by subscribing to Traffic Advisories for such things as road closures, lane reductions, and other impacts to City traffic. Sign up for e-updates at www.stjohns.ca.

    Why can’t the City do all the work at night?

    Some smaller portions of the work may take place at night. However, nighttime construction would not alleviate traffic impacts. As part of this project, there is significant excavation required, and it is not feasible to backfill at the end of each day to re-open all travel lanes. Likewise, conducting work at night would bring unwelcomed noise affecting local area residents.

    Why will it take so long to complete?

    Goulds Servicing project is a large project requiring the full extent of at least two (2) Newfoundland construction seasons to complete.

    Will residents be assessed for this Civic Improvement?

    Civic improvement assessments will apply to area of Main Road and Bay Bulls Road where water and sewer services are being installed under Phase 2 of the project. The Phase 3 area of the project is not anticipated to involve any civic improvement assessments. For more information on the assessment process and rates please review the following link to the civic assessment process.

    Will properties along the sewer force main route receive a sewer service connection?

    No.  Properties located along the sewer force main route cannot be provided a sewer service connection to the force main.  The force main is necessary to convey sewage from the sewage pump station (near Heffernan's Lane) along Main Road to the new sanitary gravity trunk sewer (at 65 Main Road) which is at a high elevation.  Sewage is pumped through the force main under pressure and it would not be possible to maintain pressure in the system with service connections.

    Will properties along the sanitary trunk sewer route receive a sewer service connection?

    Yes.  Properties along the sanitary trunk sewer route will have a sewer service lateral installed from the trunk sewer main to the property boundary for connection by the property owner.

    Properties currently connected to the existing local sanitary sewer in the vicinity of Walsh's Lane to Valleyview Road will not be connected to the new trunk sewer, as the existing local sewer will remain active. 

    Where will the new watermain be installed?

    The new 300mm diameter watermain will be installed to the south of Valleyview Road from civic 279 to civic 309 Bay Bulls Road.  The watermain will replace an existing small diameter watermain that currently services this area.

    The City initially indicated the new watermain would extend from Valleyview Road to the intersection of Old Bay Bulls Road (civic 402 Bay Bulls Road); however, upon further review and completion of watermain modelling by the City’s consulting engineer, it was determined that extending the watermain beyond its current limits (civic 309 Bay Bulls Road) is not possible at this time, due to inadequate water pressures.