What is the status of the PayByPhone parking on Harbour Drive?

    While the trend of paid parking compliance is good on Harbour Drive, continued feedback from the public was monitored. Concerns regarding a lack of alternative payment methods, particularity for those who may not have access to a mobile phone or who are not as comfortable using this application technology, have been identified. Given these concerns and in the interest of making paid parking compliance as easy as possible for all users, Council accepted a recommendation for pay station meter hardware be installed along Harbour Drive as part of the City’s new equipment roll out. It is also recommended that, in future, the standard approach will be to include payment hardware in addition to the PayByPhone option. Exceptions may be made on a case by case basis only with a strong rationale. 

    Who won the contract to supply new meters?

    Cale Canada in partnership with EDC Corporation.

    What will the new pay stations look like?

    A picture of the ‘CWT Compact’ pay station is on this page. The City will have the opportunity to customize the colour and information stickers prior to delivery.

    What payment methods will be available?

    The pay stations are configured with a card reader. This reader will allow payment using any tap enabled card or device. This includes most credit cards, debit cards, and smartphones. Both the pay station and any individual meters will be equipped with a typical magnetic strip reader for credit card payment. PayByPhone is also planned to be added in each area as the new hardware is rolled out.

    How will the new pay stations work?

    The new stations are going to be set up so you can pay by license plate. Once you park your vehicle, look for a sign to indicate what number location you are parked in. Proceed directly to the nearest pay station and follow the instructions on the screen.  You will enter your location number and license plate, choose a payment option and select length of time to park. Once the process is complete you do not need to return to your can with a ticket.

    Can I continue to use the current Park Card?

    ParkCard will be phased out as the existing parking meters are replaced with new pay stations / meters. As part of the newly awarded parking equipment contract, we are exploring alternatives to the ParkCard and are hoping to offer a replacement ParkCard service.

    What will happen to any balance remaining on the Park Card?

    Part of our work on a replacement is to determine if/how we can transfer the value from a ParkCard to the replacement. We will determine how to proceed with existing ParkCard value based on the results of these efforts.

    Why won’t cash be available?

    The City has experienced significant losses due to theft and vandalism of our cash based meters. In an effort to curb this behavior the City will operate these meters in a cashless configuration for a period of one year. At that time an evaluation will be completed and Council will determine if these meters will have cash reintroduced.

    How much revenue is lost due to meter vandalism and theft?

    Total revenue lost from 2015 to 2018 is estimated to be $2.8 million.

    Parking meter theft and vandalism results in a threefold cost to City revenue: 

    1. Loss of cash stolen from the meter. 
    2. Meter hardware repair/replacement costs and associated labour cost.
    3. Loss of parking and enforcement revenue while damaged meters are out of service.

    When will new meters / pay stations be installed?

    Current estimates to start installation are in late fall of 2019. Final installation is expected in early 2020.

    Will I need to put a receipt/ticket in my windshield after paying?

    No, pay stations will be configured to require the license plate number of your vehicle. This ‘pay by plate’ system means once you have payed you can proceed directly to your destination.

    Where will pay stations be located?

    Pay stations will be placed throughout the City in areas where there is metered parking. Downtown and Churchill Square will see pay stations located strategically to provide a station convenient to the parking spaces they cover. As the City works with the vendor to identify the best locations some areas may continue to be served by individual meters.

    How many parking meters are in service?

    There are approximately 1200-meter spaces in total. • 430 parking meter spaces are in operation throughout the City • 136 meters were removed from Harbor Drive in June 2018 and replaced with Pay By Phone zones • In the fall of 2018, 150 inactive meters spaces throughout the City were converted to 2-hour and 4-hour Timed Free Parking Zones. • 400 meters spaces currently have no meter mechanism in operation.