How does the survey prize contest work?

    Everyone who completes the survey can opt in to the prize draw. At the end of the survey participants will be directed to a new form where they can enter their name and e-mail address. The information collected here will be separate from information collected for the survey and will be used only for the purposes of the prize draw. Six prizes will be drawn for and the winners will be able to choose from a variety of gift cards such as grocery, gas, coffee, movies, restaurants, etc. Only one entry per person. Winners must be from the demographics targeted for the survey and be residents of St. John's.

    What is the purpose of the Youth Engagement Action Team (YEAT)?

    YEAT will examine why youth are not actively engaged in civic matters and make recommendations on how the City can improve its youth engagement efforts. YEAT will also carry out engagement to get feedback from other youth.

    What will YEAT look at?

    Matters such as the approach to public engagement, City communications to youth, issues/topics of interest to youth, how to best maximize the role of the current Youth Advisory Committee as a voice for youth, and barriers to youth participation.

    Will I be paid to be part of YEAT?

    No, this is a volunteer group, however items such as transportation may be compensated.

    What are the timelines for the initiative?

    YEAT will be formed by early November  and do their work in Nov. and Dec. with a goal to have a report before the end of the year. The entire time frame is about 6 weeks.

    What would I be committing to if I joined YEAT?

    Once established, YEAT will decide how best to accomplish its work. YEAT will establish meeting time frames, engagement time frames and activities, etc... City staff will support YEAT in the process and work with the team to develop the report.

    How many members will there be on the Team?

    We're looking for between 15 to 20 people for the Team.

    How will the City create a safe space for people engaged in the process?

    The City’s Engage Policy includes a principle of inclusiveness which in part states, “the City recognizes that stakeholders are varied. Therefore, the City will employ a variety of methods and tools to connect with those who will be directly and indirectly impacted thereby eliminating barriers to participation wherever possible”. Also, the City has an Inclusion Advisory Committee which can provide advice and support as required.

    What are the outcomes for the Action Team?

    To develop a report with recommendations on how the City can improve its efforts to actively  engage youth (15-35 year old) in the public engagement efforts of the city and thereby have a voice in decision-making.

    What have other cities done to improve youth engagement?

    Other cities struggle with getting the youth demographic actively engaged. Several cities have done similar research and action based approaches. Check out what Toronto did here. Or take a look at some work done in Australia here.

    Who is the Council Champion for youth?

    Councillor Maggie Burton is the City's Champion for the Youth Advisory Committee and the Youth Engagement Strategy. She is also within this age group.

    I can't join YEAT but I'd like to be involved, what do I do?

    Register and follow this project page to stay in the loop. Attend an engagement activity related to the project. Provide your feedback on this site or via e-mail at