What is a Youth Panel?

    The Youth Panel is a voluntary group who sign up to provide feedback on specific questions, topics, etc.. As recommended by the Youth Engagement Strategy, the Panel will be comprised of youth aged 18 to 30. The City will tap in to the Youth Panel when looking for a youth perspective on different topics and to provide feedback opportunities to youth in the ways they prefer.

    Why did the City create a Youth Panel?

    The Panel was created as a recommendation from the Youth Engagement Strategy. We heard from the engagement process that youth are interested in a variety of topics, things that impact them and their city, but there is a view that the city does not make it easy for youth to engage. As well, public meetings are a challenge for many and not a preferred approach. Youth want variety and ease of participation and notification. Engagement needs to be quick and simple. The Panel provides an easy way to notify youth of opportunities and makes it easier for them to participate.  

    How old do you need to be to participate?

    Based on the recommendation of the Youth Engagement Strategy, the panel is open to those 18-30 years of age.

    How will I participate as a member of this Panel?

    As a Panel member you will receive regular surveys/questionnaires related to topics of interest where the City is targeting Youth. 

    Will I be able to participate in the regular Engage activities as well?

    Yes. You choose your level of participation as a registered user of EngageStJohns.ca and member of the Panel. By providing your email address you will receive newsletters like other registered members on the site. By providing your cell number you will receive messages targeting the Youth Panel only.

    How often will I receive surveys or opportunities to engage?

    This is still in development. The City will work with the Youth Engagement Working Group and City staff to establish a schedule that works best for youth. The expectation is for monthly opportunities at least.

    How does the City know I am a Youth?

    Registration on the site is based on the honour principle. As people register on the site, they will be invited to participate on the Youth Panel based on their age. If they indicate they want to participate, additional information will be required.

    How else can I get more involved in providing feedback to the City as a young person?

    Consider joining the Youth Engagement Working Group.

    The City of St. John's is accepting Expressions of Interest from Youth or Youth Groups in St. John's, to fill 6-8 openings in the Youth Engagement Working Group. The Youth Engagement Working Group will oversee implementation of the Youth Engagement Strategy approved by Council in October 2020 and provide ongoing advice and guidance on how to best engage youth on City matters. The Youth Engagement Working Group will provide perspective on topics that are of interest to youth, will recommend the most appropriate engagement tools and methods, and help identify barriers and gaps that might impact youth engagement. In doing so, the Youth Engagement Working Group will consider the City’s Engage! Policy and other relevant City policies, programs, and tools including the City’s Youth Panel and Ambassador Program. The Youth Engagement Working Group will also consider how the City’s established relationships with youth serving agencies can be leveraged to ensure engagement of hard-to-reach youth such as newcomers, youth at risk, and other vulnerable groups. This Expression of Interest will be open through February 16th.

     Click here to submit your Expression of Interest.

    How does the SMS sender show up?

    The SMS sender will show up as +18337616809