What is happening on Water Street?

    Water and sewer infrastructure along Water Street is over 100 years old and is in need of replacement.  The multi-year project will begin in spring 2017. Digging and exploratory work has already begun and the results of this exploration will impact the scope and timeline of the project.

    From August 24 the City of St. John’s would like to hear from residents, businesses, visitors and stakeholder groups about how we can refresh Water Street.

    Where can I direct my questions?

    For more details please contact engage@stjohns.ca, call 311 or visit engagestjohns.ca to sign up for the online community.

    Is the exploratory work complete?

    The digging component of the exploratory work is complete.  However, some of the sewers along Water Street still need to be inspected.  This work is expected to be finished between August 24 and the Labour Day weekend.

    What is the scope of the project?

    The scope of this project includes replacement of the underground water, sewer and utility infrastructure from Waldegrave Street to Prescott Street.  The City of St. John's will also review any vehicular/pedestrian traffic improvement possibilities, landscaping/beautification opportunities and other ideas for the finished street.

    Will the City conduct a traffic analysis?

    The City of St. John's has hired engineering consultant CBCL Limited to examine the existing traffic patterns and volumes. This includes other streets and intersections in the vicinity.

    How does the City of St. John's plan to undertake the work and also maintain a functioning Water Street and surrounding areas?

    The City of St. John's has already begun engagement with stakeholders in the downtown area on the scope of this work. As the work progresses the City will continue to inform, communicate and listen to concerns of all stakeholders. CBCL Limited is collecting the remaining information required to complete a detailed design.  When this is prepared, specifics on maintaining access to all businesses along Water Street, with pedestrian and vehicular traffic details, will be developed and communicated.