General Project FAQs

    What is the Water Street Infrastructure Project?

    It’s a multi-year capital improvement project between Waldegrave St. and Prescott St and see the replacement/rehabilitation of water mains and sewer lines and combined sewer separation.

    What is happening with this project in 2022?

    The project is on hold for 2022. See News feed for details.

    What work will be completed using open excavation?

    Open excavation will be primarily focused on intersection work, access pits for watermain lining and where it is required to separate combined sewers. This is necessary because this infrastructure does not currently exist or to gain access to the existing infrastructure for rehabilitation.

    What are you doing to encourage people to continue to come downtown?

    The City continues to work with downtown stakeholder groups to promote the fact that the downtown is open for business and accessible during construction. Downtown St. John's will continue to promote their #LoveDowntown campaign as much as possible in light of Covid restrictions.

    How deep will you be digging to access the underground infrastructure?

    It depends on the location. The deepest excavations will primarily be in the intersections.

    How much of the scope of work will be done using trenchless technology?

    Water main, sections of sanitary and storm sewer

    Will this work improve areas where there is often standing water?

    While this work no longer includes reconstructing the entire street cross section along the entire length of each phase, if there are areas where improvement can be made within the work zone to address the ponding issues, it will be considered.

    How much is this project costing?

    Approximately $25 M from capital cost sharing programs over the life of the project.

    Is there any assessment impact to me as a property owner?

    This project will not result in any assessment impacts.

    Are there any other cities where this has worked successfully in a downtown core?

    The City of Toronto and other major cities have used trenchless technology for several projects of this scope in their downtown.

    I own a business/property in the area. Is there a dedicated business liaison officer that I can reach while work is ongoing?

    Yes, a dedicated business liaison is on site full-time during the project. He can be contacted at 770-4233 or email at

    What is the status of the Refresh Water Street report?

    The report was reviewed and to date the following have been implemented:

    • accessible pedestrian signalized intersections
    • bump outs/curb extensions
    • replaced brick pavers with concrete to improve accessibility.

    How will I be impacted?

    Pedestrian and cyclists access will be maintained; vehicle through traffic will be maintained east bound unless safety concerns arise, although there will be delays due to lane reduction;  taxi - layby may be affected at times; we will work with business and property owners on set up of temporary water/sewer lines and any other disruption of services.

    Where can I find information and stay up to date on the project?

    The best, and most comprehensive source of information, will be the project page on this site. For day to day traffic disruptions, road closures, etc. people should sign up for e-updates  on the City’s website.

    What will the hours and days of work look like?

    Regular working hours for will be from Monday to Saturday, 7 a.m. to 6 p.m.