What decisions have been made on the 2017 Pilot projects?

Recommendations of each project can be found on the Committee of the Whole meeting minutes for April 11, 2018 (link here ). Council's decision on each project was made at their regular meeting of April 16, 2018 (link here).

What are the changes to Veteran’s Square and Church Hill under this traffic pilot project?

The Veteran’s Square traffic pilot project changes include:

- Reducing the width of Church Hill in the Vicinity of Veteran’s Square

- Adding formal parking areas on Church Hill and on Veteran’s Square

- Closing Veteran’s Square to through traffic, vehicles parking will be permitted to travel in one direction only from Church Hill toward Cathedral Street

What is the purpose of these changes to Veteran’s Square and Church Hill?

By making temporary changes to the area, the City’s Transportation Engineering staff hope to realize several benefits:

- Increased pedestrian safety by reducing the distance that people walk on the street as they travel along Queen’s Road

- Increased driver safety by creating a more traditional ‘T’ intersection at Church Hill and Queen’s Road

- Reduced traffic on Bond Street by eliminating the direct route through Veteran’s Square

- Improved parking in the area by increasing formal parking stalls and eliminating areas where informal parking occurs during events and services

Have questions about traffic pilot projects in general?

Check out the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) on the Traffic Pilot Projects page.