What decisions have been made on the 2017 Pilot projects?

    Recommendations of each project can be found on the Committee of the Whole meeting minutes for April 11, 2018 (link here ). Council's decision on each project was made at their regular meeting of April 16, 2018 (link here).

    What are the changes to the intersection of Great Eastern Drive and Petite Forte Drive under this traffic pilot project?

    A mini-roundabout has been recently installed in Kenmount Terrace, at the intersection of Great Eastern Drive and Petite Forte Drive as part of a traffic pilot project. Construction for the temporary roundabout began on August 14 and the roundabout will be in place until late fall. The mini roundabout will be removed before snow clearing operations begin.

    What is the purpose of this mini roundabout in Kenmount Terrace?

    The residents of Kenmount Terrace have expressed traffic and safety concerns, and this is a possible solution as the roundabout is expected reduce speed and improve safety.

    Why Kenmount Terrace?

    This location has been identified by the City’s transportation engineers as an ideal location to trial a modern mini-roundabout. Mini-roundabouts are small and simple compared to larger roundabouts. This will be less intimidating to unfamiliar motorists, and it should enhance safety for all road and sidewalk users.

    What about the adjacent driveways that are negatively affected?

    The City of St. John's apologizes to residents who are negatively impacted by this pilot project. Before any final decisions are made the general public will have an opportunity to provide their feedback and/or complaints to the city via a public survey.  In addition there are multiple ways to contact the City.

    - Contact your Ward Council Representative: http://www.stjohns.ca/city-hall/about-city-hall/council

    - Participate in the survey that follows the pilot project

    - Contact Access St .John’s

    Motorists in St. John’s are not accustomed to roundabouts – how do they work?

    For information about using a roundabout please visit the city’s website: http://stjohns.ca/living-st-johns/streets-traffic-and-parking/roundabout.

    Have questions about traffic pilot projects in general?

    Check out the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) on the  Traffic Pilot Projects page.