What is the scope and status of Phase 1 of this project?

    The Long Pond Flow Control Structure Project was re-registered with the Province to re-start the Environmental Assessment process on January 18, 2022.


    Environmental Assessment review process is ongoing.  

    What is included in Phase 2?

    After completing various modelling scenarios, it was determined that a two phased approach could be undertaken for the flood mitigation measures in the area downstream of Long Pond based on the timing of construction for the Long Pond Flow Control Structure.  The current scope of work includes berming required along the rear of some Winter Ave properties and the NF Power substation upstream of the Kings Bridge Rd bridge.   This approach will remove the properties along Winter Ave and Kings Bridge Rd and The Boulevard from the floodplain; however the Fieldian Grounds, Riverdale Tennis Courts and some of the rear yards of properties along Empire Ave will remain in the floodplain. 

    Berm heights along Winter Avenue are noted on the sketch above.  The heights noted are above the existing trail elevation.   Some overhanging tree branches may need to be trimmed to suit new trail elevations.

    Flood mitigation work proposed upstream of the Portugal Cove Road bridge in the areas adjacent to Pringle Place and Vaughn Place are not included in the current scope of work.  

    Why are you proceeding with Phase 2 when Phase 1 has not been completed?

    With funding approved for the construction of the Long Pond Flow Control Structure (Weir) in 2014, the City has been working through the provincial Environmental Approval process for the project.  The process is still ongoing.   

    In the meantime, we have determined that we can proceed with the second priority areas prior to Phase 1 being completed.

    What happens after you collect feedback on Phase 2?

    Once we have collected all of the feedback, we will be completing all of our documentation including what we heard throughout this process and sending it to the provincial government as a part of the Environmental Assessment process.  

    Why are you doing this project?

    Issues with overland flooding have been a concern in this area for several years and in the absence of meaningful progress on the weir, we are planning to proceed with the second phase to address some of those concerns.   

    When would this project be completed?

    If approved, the project will be designed during Summer / Fall 2022 with construction to follow the next construction season in 2023.