What is the scope and status of Phase 1 of this project?

    The most recent progress has been the issuance of a revised Environmental Preview Report Guideline (June 2020) by the Province that will require revisions and updating to the Environmental Preview Report (EPR). Based on these new EPR Guidelines, a revised EPR will be required to continue the Environmental review and approval process for the Long Pond Weir Project.

    What is included in Phase 2?

    After completing various modelling scenarios, it was determined that a two phased approach could be undertaken for the flood mitigation measures in the area downstream of Long Pond based on the timing of construction for the Long Pond Weir.  The alternate scenario being presented would see the flood mitigation measures completed upstream of the Portugal Cove Rd bridge, as well as, the berming required along the rear of some Winter Ave properties and the NF Power substation upstream of the Kings Bridge Rd bridge.   This approach will remove the properties along Pringle Place, Vaughan Place, Winter Ave, Kings Bridge Rd and The Boulevard from the floodplain; however the Fieldian Grounds, Riverdale Tennis Courts and some of the rear yards of properties along Empire Ave will remain in the floodplain. 

    Why are you proceeding with Phase 2 when Phase 1 has not been completed?

    With funding approved for the construction of the Long Pond Weir in 2014, the City has been working through the provincial Environmental Approval process for the Long Pond Weir Project since that time.  The process is still ongoing.   

    In the meantime, we have determined that we can proceed with the second priority areas prior to Phase 1 being completed.

    I live along the river, how will I be impacted by the proposed Phase 2 work?

    The impact is dependent on where your property is located.    

    Berm/retaining wall heights along Winter Ave. and Pringle Place are noted on the sketch below.

    Heights noted are above the existing trail elevation or back of sidewalk grade.   Some overhanging tree branches to be trimmed to suit new trail elevations.

    Berm height along Vaughan Place, shown below.

    Height noted is above the existing trail elevation or back of sidewalk grade.   Some overhanging tree branches to be trimmed to suit new trail elevations.

    What happens after you collect feedback on Phase 2?

    Once we have collected all of the feedback, we will be completing all of our documentation including what we heard throughout this process and sending it to the provincial government as a part of the Environmental Assessment registration documentation.  

    Why are you doing this project?

    Issues with overland flooding have been a concern in this area for several years and in the absence of meaningful progress on the weir, we are planning to proceed with the second phase to address some of those concerns.   

    What are the pros and cons of proceeding with Phase 2 work?

    How will this project be funded?

    The project is funded under the New Building Canada Fund ($1.9M).   

    When would this project be completed?

    If approved, the project will be designed during winter 2021 with construction to follow in spring/summer 2021.

    The Bike Master Plan and its recommended multi-use trail projects are within the scope of this project. How will the city ensure the two projects connect?

    The Kelly’s Brook Shared Use Path project will take the flood mitigation work into account as part of the design work and the public consultation work for the multi-use trail.    The City will also work to incorporate the multi-use trail project into flood mitigation work if it is found to be needed.  There are several different ways the projects could overlap so it is impossible to say exactly how one will influence the other until we are a bit further along with the design.