Why is the city looking at this project?

    To address traffic congestion in the Quidi Vidi Village area.

    How long will the pilot last if it goes ahead?

    The City will work with the stakeholders to determine the scope of the pilot. The pilot will be evaluated at the end of the summer/early fall.

    Why are you considering one-way traffic flow?

    One-way traffic flow can potentially reduce the number of vehicles moving through the Village.

    If you close the "inner gut" to vehicles, where will people park? What about local traffic?

    Residents of Barrows Road, Mapleview Place and Stones Road will be permitted access inside the closure. Residents will inform Commissionaires that they live within the area and will be given access. 

    Visitors and guests to residential properties will be given access as long as the property has adequate parking. If not, those visitors will have to find alternate parking in the area.

    Local business-related traffic, including staff, will be permitted onsite to access properties and deliver goods. This would also apply to contractors working on residential and commercial properties.

    Individuals availing of the slipway for the food fishery will be permitted access to launch their boats. There is no parking available for boats and trailers; they will have to find alternate parking.

    Parking zones are located on The Boulevard before the start of Quidi Vidi Village and off Cadet Road (three open-space areas).

    There are 2 accessible parking spaces located at the Plantation. Visitors to the area will be given access if the spaces are available. GoBus may drop off and pick up passengers on Quidi Vidi Village Road at Barrows Road or at Cadet Road next to the Plantation access bridge. There is also one accessible parking space located on Cadet Road.

    There is already a parking issue in QV, won't this further reduce the amount of parking space available?

    By making changes to the traffic flow and reducing the number of cars in the "inner gut" area, visitors are encouraged to use other means of transport to Quidi Vidi including active transportation, public transit, availing of parking available in other areas noted on the map.

    Would one-way traffic flow apply to cyclists?

    No. Cyclists would be able to continue travelling through as per normal.