Why is the City replacing the Watermain on Portugal Cove Road?

    In response to significant water main breaks along Portugal Cove Road, which caused property damage and flooding to some residents, the City has committed to replacing the watermains in this area.  The existing watermain is the original, 100 year old watermain that connected Windsor Lake to the downtown area of the City.  The total scope of work for the three phases of the project will see the water mains replaced along Portugal Cove Road from Higgins Line to Rawlins Cross.

    How will this affect Traffic?

    Portugal Cove Road in the vicinity of the work zone will need to be closed to through traffic due to the narrow street width.  Flagpersons will be in place so that residential traffic can access through the work site. All other through traffic will follow a detour route via the adjacent street network.  This traffic control approach is similar to what was done in the past on previous sewer replacement projects in this area.

    Will this affect residential parking?

    When work is progressing along Portugal Cove Road, driveway access within the work zone may be restricted to facilitate the construction activities. Residents may have to park on street temporarily while work progresses along their property frontage. 

    Will there be water service interruptions?

    Per normal City policy, residents will be given 24 hour notice of any planned water service interruption.  However, if an unexpected watermain break occurs while replacing the old watermain, the water system in the area may be shut down without any notice.

    Will residents be assessed for this Civic Improvement?

    There will be no Civic Assessments charged to residents for this work since it is a replacement of existing water main infrastructure.