What are complete neighbourhoods?

    Complete neighbourhoods are places where residents of all ages and abilities can access all of their basic needs and services, connect with each other and the city, and safely get where they need to go, all while being less reliant on a car.

    The City of Regina has an excellent definition of, Complete Neighbourhoods, which is:

    "places where residents enjoy their choices of lifestyles, food, housing options, employment, services, retail and amenities, multi-modal transportation, and educational and recreational facilities and programs. Most importantly, complete neighbourhoods provide easy access to the daily life necessities for people of all ages, abilities and backgrounds in an engaging and adaptable urban environment" (1).

    (1) http://designregina.ca/wp-content/uploads/DesignRegina-AppendixA-CompleteNeighbourhoods.pdf   

    Why do we need complete neighbourhoods?

    Complete neighbourhoods form the base of this pillar. By building complete neighbourhoods, we are actively working to support each of the assets listed. That is because complete neighbourhoods meet the needs of the people that live in them. When residents have access to their basic needs, are able to move around freely, and are engaged in community life, they are more likely to experience positive mental, physical, and social health. 

    We need complete neighbourhoods because they allow residents to live their healthiest life. It is important to note that no two neighbourhoods are the same - each will be complete in their own way. Each will work to meet the needs of its residents, whatever those needs may be.