How did the City identify land for this project?

    The process for identifying parcels of land for the Affordable Housing Strategy was quite lengthy. It involved identifying parcels of land that may be City-owned then circulating this list to various City departments including Housing, Legal, Public Works, and Planning, Engineering and Regulatory Services for comments about the parcel's potential for redevelopment as affordable housing. Once the list was narrowed down to sites with potential for redevelopment as affordable housing, title searches were completed to confirm that the land was in fact City-owned (this was more clear for some parcels of land than others). For the four parcels of land that were identified for potential redevelopment as affordable housing, once the title searches confirmed that the City owned them, the land was then expropriated to eliminate any potential claim to these sites.

    Is there a planned project on this site?

    No. There is no planned project on this site. Council has not approved a development on this parcel of land, they have only approved doing engagement on the potential to redevelop this site as affordable housing. This engagement process is exploratory to better understand how stakeholders use this parcel of land, what concerns they may have about developing the site and to provide an opportunity for stakeholders to inform what a potential development on this site could look like/include.